Darcie Adams - Elite Graduate

I think the school is great and all the staff is wonderful. They really care about your education!

Aimee Montoya - Elite Graduate

I’m so glad to have come to this school. I feel I got a top notch education and that calms my worries about graduating and becoming a stylist.

Danielle O’Brien – Elite Graduate

I love this school. The people here are my family. I learned so much and I appreciate everything we had the privilege to learn. I will miss this place.

Kayla Parmley – Elite Graduate

I loved the school and felt the teachers were very informative and knowledgeable.

Chelsey Eads – Elite Graduate

I love this school and it’s educators and programs. It produces excellent results.


92.86% PASS RATE

As of the most recent NACCAS reporting period, Elite Cosmetology Graduates achieved a 92.86% pass rate on the California state board exam.