8/4/2020 COVID19 UPDATE

We are happy to announce that San Bernardino County has allowed Cosmetology Schools to reopen, with limited occupancy to allow for appropriate physical distancing. As you can imagine on campus education will be quite different in this new (COVID19) world, and Elite takes the health and safety of our staff, students, and their families very seriously.

Please take the time to review the following outline for return to campus guidelines.:

Elite Students and staff will resume in person learning (reduced occupancy) on Monday,  August 24th, 2020.

At this time Elite Educators  and  their assigned Students will be on a rotating schedule allowing for one week of on campus learning per month. Ideally this time will be used to complete practical education and theory education will remain online (via Zoom and Eduflow). Due to the limited availability of on campus education, Students and Staff members are encouraged to schedule any necessary time off during the weeks scheduled for Distance Education.

As required by the CDPH: People in California must wear face coverings when they are in the high-risk situations. Elite Cosmetology School has determined that based on the definition of “high risk situations”; all students and staff must wear a face covering while inside the building or while outside if distancing is not possible.  Based on this information no person will be permitted indoors without the correct use of a fitted mask (mouth and nose). *(CA DHPS released June 18th, 2020 “CA Guidance for the use of face coverings”) 

Social (physical) distancing is being implemented at Elite Cosmetology School through the following engineering and administrative controls.

Clinic Floor capacity will not exceed 20 students/1 educator

Esthetician classroom will not exceed 6 students/1 educator

Maximum Breakroom occupancy will be 4 persons. Additional tables will be placed 6ft apart in the atrium to allow for more space for breaks.

Maximum Color Bar/Laundry Room Capacity is 1 person.

Maximum Educator Office Occupancy is 1 Educator (no student access)

At this time, no guest services will be performed.

Maximum Office occupancy will be no more than 1 student or guest per desk.

Administration office will continue to interact with students remotely (via ZOOM). Urgent in-person matters may be resolved by appointment only.

Every other clinic floor station will be marked as DO NOT USE and a STAND floor marking will be placed at each station that is usable.

The Esthetician classroom will be reconfigured to allow for appropriate physical distancing.

Appropriate signage will be placed to direct one-way travel where 6 ft distancing is not possible.

Screening Process and Infection Control

Staff and students are encouraged to, self-monitor daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and are instructed to stay home if exhibiting any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is exhibiting symptoms, is awaiting COVID19 test results or has tested positive for COVID19 within 14 days or has been in physical contact with anyone who has.

Staff and students are encouraged to follow all state guidance on social distancing gatherings and travel on their personal time.

Students and Educators will enter through the Front Clinic floor doors only.

Students and Educators will exit through the Front Atrium doors only.

Elite will utilize touchless thermometers and COVID questions for screening of all students and staff prior to entry.

Any person who is determined to have a fever will be asked to wait 10 minutes and recheck for fever. If the person is still registering a fever after a recheck, they will not be allowed in the building and will be advised of the steps they must take prior to return

Any person that answers any of the screening questions with a YES will not be allowed in the building and will be advised of the steps they must take prior to return.

** Due to the need for controlled entrance, students and appointments that arrive late (after 7 mins)  will be denied entry. Students/appointments that have a verifiable excuse for tardiness MUST contact their educator or office contact PRIOR to arrival to arrange for check in.

Each staff member, student or guest will be responsible for the sanitation of their used space before and after use. (Stations, desks, file cabinets, copier etc…)

All Staff and students must avoid shared contact of items. Each student and staff member will bring their own writing implements for personal use. Written assignments will continue to be submitted via EDUFLOW. Art supplies needed for onsite curriculum assignments will be provided by the School.

Surfaces that are unable to be sanitized will not be used and will be removed or labeled as such. (Fabric furniture, books, magazines)

Gloves are determined to not be needed unless required for chemical services. Gloves are provided by the Institution if needed.

Sanitizing wipes/spray will be located on every “usable” surface: Clinic floor station, desks, copier, vending machine, file cabinets, Entrance and Exit locations, timeclock etc… Replacement sanitizing supplies will be maintained in the supply closet.

Face shields can be utilized when 6ft of distance is not feasible. (Hands on Instruction)

Clear desktop Barriers will be placed at each staff assigned desk. (Admins Office, Educators Office, Clinic Floor Educators desk, Esthetician Classroom desk)

Staff, students, and guests are encouraged to wash their hand frequently through put the day; before and after eating, using the restroom etc… When a sink is unavailable hand sanitizer should be used.

Staff, students and guests are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands after handling the following shared contact items (not an exhaustive list): documents/files, color boxes, color tubes, color charts, time clock, door handles etc…

05/27/2020 COVID19 UPDATE

The Administration office has received many inquiries as to why Elite Cosmetology School remains unable to return to in-person classes at this time.

The following is information received directly from the San Bernardino County Readiness and Reopening office in regard to returning to onsite classes:

“San Bernardino County is currently in the very beginning stages of Phase 3 in its plan for re-opening. While previously scheduled to re-open in Phase 4, some personal service business types have been allowed to open during Phase 3 (such as Barbershops and Hair Salons). However, currently, Cosmetology Schools remain part of Phase 4 reopening plan. It is unknown at this time if Phase 3 will be further separated into Phase 3a and Phase 3b, as they did with Phase 2.”

Elite Cosmetology School Management Staff is working tirelessly to create a plan for reopening during Phase 4, as allowed by San Bernardino County. Please keep in mind, requirements surrounding the reopening of businesses must include drastic changes to the physical arrangement of the facility, as well as changes to daily procedures to allow for Social Distancing and controls for the safety and health of our staff and students.

We are all eager to return to in-person classes in the new normal and are thankful that our TEAM was able to quickly adapt to this new way of operating, effectively ensuring that our student body has been able to continue their education through temporary distance education, during this unprecedented and uncertain time. We will update you as we receive additional information and guidance from the San Bernardino County readiness and reopening office.

We appreciate your patience as we all work together to ensure the safety of our students, families, and staff! Together…

3/20/20 COVID19 UPDATE

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Department of Education, NACCAS, The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and Board of Barbering and Cosmetology have allowed for postsecondary schools to offer their courses online as a temporary measure. Based on the guidance issued by the president of the United States and in light of the speed with which COVID-19 is spreading and the risks our families and staff may be facing we are taking the precautionary measure of temporarily moving all courses to an online format effective March 20, 2020 and expect to resume normal in class education April 21, 2020.

This return date may change depending on guidance from the county, state or Executive order. Each student will be contacted via telephone by their educator and will  receive an invitation email to their online “classroom”, if any students need assistance or guidance on navigating this website, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We understand this difficult decision can be a hardship some of our students who may not have internet access and will work with these students one on one to ensure that your education is not interrupted.   

In the event there is any change to this date, we will continue to communicate by email, phone, post information on our website.

We appreciate your patience as we all work together to ensure the safety of our students, families and staff! 


To log in to your “Online classroom” using the log in and password you have already created, click here